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Good Morning All,

I felt compelled to write this email because virtually no one knows who BESV is, who is behind the brand, and why it makes sense to choose us vs and other brand.

BESV falls under Darfon, and Darfon falls under the BenQ Group, comprised of 16+ companies that drive the Number 1 tech company in Taiwan.  The companies mantra is: “Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life”.

BenQ has over 50,000 employees in all their divisions and does over $20B in revenue annually.

The founder of BESV is the CEO of Darfon, and an avid rider.  BESV came about when Andy Su (CEO of Darfon) held his annual ride with his employees.  Many of them really suffered on the hills outside of Taipei.  He wanted a better experience for all that participated and was well aware of the developments in E-bikes.  His company was already developing batteries and displays, so the tech side was covered.  Others in the company created designs, which lead to the birth of the brand BESV, Beautiful, Electric, Smart, Vehicles.


  • World class support and technology
  • We are here to stay, with the financial support to keep innovating
  • BESV is the only company that has invested in their Reps with hands on training (scheduled for January)
  • As a company, you come first, with no pressure for heavy commitments.  We want the best shops
  • In conjunction with our “No Pressure” program, we offer reasonable terms, but not NET forever, that just benefits the manufacturer and puts the dealer at a disadvantage. The lure to order more is to great.  We want to support dealers to to turns!
  • BESV believes that our partners should be compensated to do work when a warranty issue arises.  No one should be asked to work for “FREE”
  • Our bikes use “Smart Technology” for our batteries and chargers.  That means that they communicate and do not charge in a linear motion, but rather in a controlled to 80%, there by increasing battery life
  • All parts in stock, and if not, we will make it in stock (borrow from a bike)

Ken Fagut