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Having an e-bike is very unique and is an easier way to ride around town. You can use it for regular commuting instead of using a vehicle. An e-bike is typically much more affordable than a vehicle. Also, you can use it for fun while also exercising simultaneously. Furthermore, you have the option to use assistance with pedaling, if needed.

With this investment, you need to protect it. There are horrific stories about storage areas undergoing massive fires started by the e-bike’s batteries. There are things to beware of also when storing your e-bike for the winter. Because of these and other situations, the following are crucial tips to adhere to for your bike.

Check Your Battery

When you are not riding your bike for months, such as during the winter, the battery will most likely die. Also, a dead battery can be damaged due to neglect or misuse. Either way, having a dead battery can be frustrating and expensive.

To avoid this situation, you must keep your battery charged. However, you must also keep in mind that battery damage can occur from high ambient temperatures. You should charge it occasionally without charging it all the time. These are a few of the things to beware of when it comes to maintaining bike batteries.

Clean Like Crazy

Just like with a car, you will need to clean your bike before putting it into storage. Doing this keeps pests out of your e-bike. When cleaning, you must de-grease the drivetrain, remove the battery, and clean the disc brakes. When degreasing, no muck will spread into the rest of the bike when cleaning. Removing the battery is for safety reasons, and it allows underneath frame cleaning. And when it comes to cleaning the disc brakes, use disc brake cleaner on the roots.

Having an e-bike is an amazing investment, and thus, you should do all you can to protect your investment. There are horrific stories about storage areas undergoing massive fires caused by the e-bike’s batteries. Also, different parts, like the battery, can be very expensive to replace. Adhering to these suggestions, even when it comes to cleaning, will prevent these mishaps from occurring. Your battery will be operable for years to come. Additionally, your disc brakes and more will stay together and operable. For more information on how to properly care for and service your e-bike, check with an e-bike expert.