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Votani X1


With Votani X1, cycling becomes a real pleasure since uphill rides and opposing winds are easily overcome thanks to the strong support of the mid motor.

Call us about 2017 model with blue color

  • 250 W mid-drive motor
  • 4 inch LCD display with backlight
  • Suspension front fork
  • Leather grips with easy grip


General specifications

  • Color: Black / White
  • Gearing: Shimano Alivio
  • Stem: Manually adjustable
  • Rims: Busted Rims
  • Tires: CST anti-leak
  • Lighting: Axa Basta / Spanninga
  • Front fork: Suspended and adjustable in hardness
  • Keys: AXA Defender
  • Seating: Comfort Seat
  • Seat post: Resiliently and adjustable
  • Hand grip: Leather with Easy-Grip
  • Brakes: Front brake V-brake, rear Shimano rollerbrake
  • Sizes: 51/57


  • The silent brushless 250W motor gives a flexible support
  • The 4 inch LCD display with backlighting is very user friendly with controller on the handle
  • 6 support levels, will give you the support you need.

Battery specifications

  • Li-ION Cellen Sony, 36 volt with 2 years of guarantee
  • Batterij indicator
  • Built-in sleep mode will increase the lifetime of the battery
  • The battery is fully protected by Votani’s extensive battery management system with cell balancing feature

Additional information

Bike Style




Propelling Mode

Middrive motor


Blue, Black, White

Battery size

11 Ah, 17 Ah