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The Magnum Ui5 is an excellent hybrid electric bike with wide tires, an adjustable handlebar, and a beautiful design. The Ui5 is an urban electric bicycle with an integrated 36V/ 13Ah battery housed in the downtube of the bicycle and allows for up to 40 miles of range per charge. This sleek design provides for complete stability while riding, and even weight distribution. The electric system comes with a 350W motor peaking at 500W of power. 22 Mph top speed with pedal assist and 20 Mph with throttle only.

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Suggested UseUrban, Neighborhood, Commuting
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive
Model Year2015
Total Weight51 lbs ( 23.13 kg )
Frame TypeStep-Thru
Motor Brand8Fun
Top Speed22 mph
Voltage36 volts
Battery Life25-55 miles

Written Review


The Magnum Ui5 is an urban model electric bike, offering fifth generation technology, that is perfect for riding around the city. The motor is a 350 watt internally geared hub mounted in the rear wheel. Magnum chose a black version of the motor that beautifully matches the spokes, rims, and battery. Depending on the level of power you’re applying, the motor hums a little, however, it is not very loud or heavy. Additionally, this e-bike has a quick release on the front wheel, but you’ll need tools to access the rear. There’s a seven speed cassette with entry-level Shimano Tourney TX derailleur there and a quick-disconnect in the power cable so you can completely remove the wheel and motor together without any loose wires getting in the way. Seven speeds is good enough for city riding and if you keep the chain lubed and drop in for an occasional tune-up everything should last.

Powering the Magnum Ui5 is an integrated Lithium-ion battery pack. The downtube is partially severed in order to sink the pack inside which delivers more security and strength while simultaneously lowering the center of mass. Inside the pack are 18650 sized cells manufactured by Samsung. These care quality cells, that are known for being long lasting and light weight. They are efficient in transferring power and usually seen in the mid to high end models. The battery also offers an integrated LED power level indicator and a USB charging port.

Operating the Magnum Ui5 is a two-step process. First you press the power button on the top of the battery pack, then you press a second power button on the display panel. This two-step process only takes an extra second, however, it makes it easier to forget to turn off the battery pack once you park the bike. The display panel features a “set” button, which allows you to change from odometer to trip distance and trip time. While the “up” and “down” buttons allow you to select different power levels for pedal assist. The Magnum Ui5 offers both a throttle and pedal assist option.

The Magnum Ui5 is an exceptional electric bike for city riders at its price point of $1,699. The aesthetic matching paint, integrated wires, upgraded batteries and other extras really set it apart. At 51 pounds this bike is actually consider relatively light given the larger tires. Additionally, the adjustable stem on the Magnum Ui5 allows for a wider range of riders. Overall, this electric bike is an impressive product with a great refined fifth generation design.



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