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This is a new era when even dirt bikes are going electric. The Leisger MD5 is made to take on the city roads and tackle the off-road trails with full force. If you are looking for an on and off road electrifying experience the Leisger MD5 is for you.

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Suggested UseUrban, Trail, Mountain
Warranty1 Year Comprehensive
Model Year2015
Total Weight52 lbs ( 23.58 kg )
Frame TypeHigh-Step
MeasurementsReach: 22
Motor Brand8Fun
Voltage36 volts
Battery Life20-55 miles

Written Review


The Leisger MD5 is a mountain style electric bike with “downtube” mounted battery that’s a “5th generation” build. The $2,499.00 e-bike is trail capable, even light mountain, but also useful as a commuter or city bike. As a hardtail, this is the type of platform that would work well with a rear carry rack and even fenders and it has all of the necessary braze-ons built right in. You get a 24 speed drivetrain with Shimano Acera components and locking grips, upgraded pedals, and 650b tire size (27.5″); which is very popular due to being an “in between” size that handles well and rolls over obstacles easily.


The Leisger MD5 is powered by a standard 350 watt internally geared hub motor from 8Fun. This motor produces a bit of zipping noise under heavy power but it is not particularly loud. It is relatively small and fairly light and features a quick disconnect power cable running along the chain stay that’s easy to unplug during maintenance. This motor is not powerful enough to push you up a hill, however, with a little pedaling, the pedal assist mode can be noticeably helpful. Additionally, the motor is black and matches the spokes and wheelset very nicely.


The battery pack that is equipped with the Leisger MD5 is slightly above average at 36 volts and 13 amp hours. It has enough battery life to go 20+ miles even on the higher levels of assist. It is also mounted in a sturdy and aesthetically attractive way. The battery pack is removable and can easily be charged on or off the bike. The charging port is easily accessible on the right side of the battery pack and there is a USB charging port as well.


Operating the Leisger MD5 takes an extra step and has some broader menus that may be more useful to some than others. To turn on the bike, you first press the on/off button on the battery pack, then you press the on/off button on the button pad near the left grip. This two-step process can be a hassle because it takes more time and it makes it easier to forget to turn the battery off. Once the power is on, the LCD display screen will activate and show the speed, pedal assist level (six levels), battery level, and a few other details. The up and down arrows are used to change assists levels as well as change how much power the throttle has access to. Additionally, the “set” button allows you to switch from trip distance, odometer, and time monitors. The final area you can interact with is the power level. To access this, you must hold down the “set” button for several seconds and then navigate the settings menu. This setting allows the rider to choose a power setting, which changes how fast the motor accelerates and can help extend the battery life.


The Leisger MD5 is an excellent electric bike for city roads as well as off-road trails and even light mountain riding. It is well built with a sporty style, and offers power, range and multiple features. The frame is only available in white and in one size, which may not be ideal for taller riders because of the shorter reach. It is an effortlessly portable e-bike due to the removable battery and front quick release wheels, as well as the classic diamond frame which allows the bike to easily hang off racks. Overall, the Leisger MD5 is a solid choice for those who fit the frame and are looking for a versatile electric bike.


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