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“A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet” by Lumos Helmets is ready to make your cycling more safe and comfortable.


A bicycle helmet with integrated turn signals.

You don`t need to use your arms to show that you are going to cross the intersection. Turn lights could be seen clearly in the darkness that is so important in wintertime.


Because of LEDs.

Imagine that you have more than 50 lights on the front and back of the helmet! (The Lumos Helmet features 28 super bright white LEDs in the front and 22 super bright red LEDs in the rear). Now you are visible not only for the nearest driver in your lane but also for a truck driver  who is  2000 inches away from you.

Cyclists who have already tested this device indicated that LEDs were not only larger but also arranged higher than ordinary bike lights.



The helmet is designed in one size and fits 54-62 cm, but manufacturers promise that it will appear in different sizes in the nearest future.



This helmet by LUMOS HELMETS you can get as a gift with your purchase in our store and online.


Time is now.

Visit our store or web site to order your bike and receive “A Next Generation Bicycle Helmet” by Lumos. First edition, limited quantity — your action is required right now.