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Delfast and the Kyiv Velodrome Established The World Record For The Greatest Distance Travelled By An Electric Bicycle On A Single Charge.

Kyiv, October 12th, 2017

International courier service Delfast, jointly with the Kiev Velodrome established a world record for the Greatest Distance travelled by an electric bicycle on a single charge and drove 368 km without the use of pedals. The record setting was witnessed by representatives of the Book of Records of Ukraine,independent experts, mass media and spectators.

Vitalii Arhipkin from Kiev drove Delfast, a Ukrainian electric bicycle, over the world’s longest distance with a single battery charge. The covered distance was 368 kilometres (236 miles) in 1317 laps and he passed it in about 17 hours. The run started at 6:58am and finished at 11:45pm Kiev time.

The Kiev Velodrome, which is 105 years old and is one of the oldest sporting sites in Europe becomes an arena of records. The score was opened by Olena Novikova (Ukrainian professional cyclist performing in Italy), who set on September 28 the first two records in the history of Ukraine on an open track. Note that her first record was set in 1 hour on a bicycle track of 36 kilometres and 101 metres; and the second one was 100 kilometres on a track in 2 hours 48 minutes. Next in turn is a unique world record of Vitalii Arhipkin.

Electric bike Delfast was developed by Ukrainian delivery service Delfast, is unique in the world in terms of range of runs and its mileage is more than that of car Tesla3. The Kyiv company introduced its electric bike in the world market and launched its sale on the Kickstarter platform.

In setting the world record on October 12, bicycle model Prime was used, which is present in the world market on Kickstarter.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman supported the development of Ukrainian electric bicycles Delfast and wished us success in the conquest new heights.

Pilot: Vitaliy Arhipkin. In 2012, he set a record in balancing on two wheels of bicycle (Surplus) on the Kiev Cycling Track: 5 hours and 25 minutes. The record was witnessed by representatives of the Book of Records of Ukraine and is the world’s best from the moment of achievement till the present day.

About Delfast. Delfast, the 1-hour delivery service, opened in Kiev in 2014 by Daniel Tonkopiy and Sergey Denysenko. Courier service Delfast provides deliveries for of PrivatBank, Moyo, Allo, Rozetka, Epicenter, and many other online stores and companies. The Ukrainian courier company Delfast has opened its offices in 3 countries: Ukraine (Kyiv, Odessa), Kazakhstan (Almaty) and Poland (Warsaw, Krakow).

About the Kiev Velodrome
The Kiev Cycle Track was built in 1912 and opened in 1913. It survived two world wars, was upgraded in the forties, sixties, eighties and nineties, hosted competitions and provided conditions for coaching of Kiev, Ukrainian and Soviet cyclists. In its best times it housed 15 cycling classes, at which were trained future Olympic medalists, champions of Ukraine and
the world. Despite attempts of destruction and long periods of decline, thanks to the cycling community and the city administration, one of the the oldest cycle tracks of Europe holds competitions again, sets records and develops bicycle tradition!

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