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Why BESV? The company behind the brand

Good Morning All, I felt compelled to write this email because virtually no one knows who BESV is, who is behind the brand, and why it makes sense to choose us vs and other brand. BESV falls under Darfon, and Darfon falls under the BenQ Group, comprised of 16+...

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Magnum Ui5 Review

Summary The Magnum Ui5 is an excellent hybrid electric bike with wide tires, an adjustable handlebar, and a beautiful design. The Ui5 is an urban electric bicycle with an integrated 36V/ 13Ah battery housed in the downtube of the bicycle and allows for up to 40 miles...

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Leisger MD5 Review

Summary This is a new era when even dirt bikes are going electric. The Leisger MD5 is made to take on the city roads and tackle the off-road trails with full force. If you are looking for an on and off road electrifying experience the Leisger MD5 is for you. Click...

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